Stuffed Eggplant:2

I have earlier posted a recipe for stuffed eggplant. This is another way to make it and I must admit this is  much more tastier. Eggplants stuffed with spices twice cooked and the result is a mouth-watering dish.



10 small purple eggplants or 6 bigger ones *

Paste of

3-4 green chillies

1″ ginger

3 cloves garlic

Rest of spices

1/2 cup peanuts roasted and powdered

3/4 cup Besan

2 Tb coriander powder

1 Tb red chilli powder

turmeric powder

salt to taste



1 tsp cummin seeds


Wash and make 4 slits in each eggplant without separating the pieces. Keep them intact.

Grind to paste the green chilli, garlic and garlic.

Mix all the rest of the spices and add to the paste.

Stuff the eggplants with this mix. Use as much stuffing as you can.


Now place them in a large plate and microwave for 6-7 minutes covered. This helps us use less oil to further fry the eggplants.

Next take a large frying pan to fit all the eggplants in one layer. Add 2-3 Tb oil then the cummin seeds. Now add the stuffed eggplants. Cover and cook on a low heat till they are soft. Pierce with a knife to check. They should be shrivelled and fried. If you have any stuffing left, you can add it towards the end of your cooking, over the eggplants. It took me around 10-15 minutes to fry them.

* Note: use the purple smallish variety eggplants, not the white ones.

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